no i didn't rupture my booty
raymond gets pregnant Spoiler
when i was like 7 my mom was obsessed with Everybody Loves Raymond and she watched it everyday for years but then one day she stopped watching it and tried to convince everyone she never watched it or liked it and she didn't like it and she didn't watch it again for like 8 years and i still don't know why she did that

a true mystery, and a tragic loss for all of us ELR diehard fanatics. 0/10 would not recommend doing that

i dont love raymond. i love u man i love u

i love u too


yo what

ohmygod this is perfect i love you

i love you too

so that person deleted because of the catching fire post

ur a very observant person sherlock

Why did you take her URL and make it into a blog dedicated to Everybody Loves Raymond. I'm confused.

i dont play by your rules, man

i play everbody loves raymond

on dvd



what happened to the person who had this url (and thought that was a book spoiler?) hahaa that made me laugh :') also, i like what you've done with the place :') gotta love everybody loves raymond ;D


So were you being serious on that catching fire post or what?

i am not who you think i am